Private Lessons

3Private lessons are for everyone – whether you’re seeking to learn the basics, or to tweak your game. Private lessons enable players to get familiar with the tennis fundamentals at a much faster pace than it would, from a group lesson. Our instructors customize a lesson plan for you consisting of drills, match play, movement exercises and games tailored to your fitness level and tennis ability. Lessons emphasize the development of good strokes through repetitive drills that develop the brain and muscle memory necessary for consistency, plus a series of running drills that teach students how to move properly on the tennis court.

1 Hour Private lesson – $110
1/2 Hour Private lesson- $60


Semi-Private Lessons

2Semi-private lessons are for junior players or adults, with some previous exposure to the game of tennis. Focus in semi-privates are on developing a solid foundation in stroke formation to provide the players with the skills to progress rapidly. Through a variety of racquet and foot-work drills for the basic strokes, players will develop positive habits necessary to hit the ball correctly and consistently, with good form and good technique in an active, yet progressive learning method. The lessons will also include an introduction to the volley and the serve, with lots of cardio activity, and hand-eye coordination games. Bring a friend or family member and have fun learning the game of tennis with one of our talented instructors.

1 Hour Semi-private lesson – $120
1/2 Hour Semi-private lesson- $65


Group Lessons1

Group lessons are a great idea for mid-level introductory tennis players to get on the court, work up a sweat, and learn tennis without breaking the buck! Emphasis is on fun and the basics of the tennis strokes. There is focus on general movement and balance, in addition to tennis-specific skills .Groups must be organized in advance, so find some friends who want to play and call us today!

1 Hour Group lesson, with 4 on a court – $30 per player
1 Hour Group lesson, with 3 on a court – $40 per player


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